Inspiring the imagination and creativity of children young and old !

Marie's repertoire is vast and varied and her aim is to make any room into a unique, bespoke haven. From figurative chinoiserie to more abstract designs, Marie works very closely with her clients, exploring their own ideas and vision so that the work is always personal and original.


While she started out painting mainly on walls directly, the Covid pandemic has certainly allowed for creativity and innovation. She now also offers bespoke hand-painted wallpapers and panels, as well as limited edition prints to chose from. 


Regardless on which direction you would like to go, Marie is happy to discuss  creative ideas with you first and then sketch out a prototype of the design,  in colour. Together, the composition is reviewed and finally agreed on. The end price depends on the size of the project, the complexity of the design and the time required.


Marie uses non-toxic  paints that dry quickly and do not smell so that the rooms can be used normally immediately.


Consultations are free of charge!


Marie is based between London and Vienna and does commissions internationally.