Inspiring the imagination and creativity of children young and old !

Marie immerses you within exotic scenes, bringing far-flung realities onto your walls.


The brainchild of Austrian painter Marie Hartig, Marie’s Painted Worlds is a bespoke wall painting service, that creates breathtaking, whimsical tableaux, that catapult even the most incredible homes and spaces  into the realm of the extraordinary. 


Her repertoire is vast and varied. Her designs can be either painted directly onto the walls, onto wallpaper that can be used as such or framed, but also onto wood panels and canvas.  


Marie works hand-in-glove with her clients, exploring their visions for the space and bringing it to life. No room is too big, or too small. Marie has created vast murals in the dining rooms of Austrian and German castles, fashionable restaurants and 5 Star  hotels, even in a Buenos Aires children’s hospital and in a pre-school in Mathare, Nairobi. She’s painted living rooms in holiday homes in Mallorca and rambling London and Milanese apartments, and also delivered striking designs in the tiniest of WCs. 


Her designs are one-of-a-kind designs, that are uniquely tailored both to the spaces they embellish, as well as to the client’s individual vision and taste.  “I love that all my clients bring their own vision to the projects,” says Marie. “Each work ends up reflecting the tastes, dreams and imaginations of the person who commissioned it.” Her designs are one offs and will never be replicated anywhere else.


Marie’s work draws on her expertise as a classically trained painter, at once showcasing her lifelong infatuation with natural history, and drawing on a wellspring of diverse cultural icons from around the world. 


Her signature style are menageries filled with hyper-realistic-looking flora and fauna from near,  far, and imagined in all colour variations. She also offers everything from graphic abstract designs to tromp l’oeil tableaux, while figurative chinoiserie is a perennial favourite, with a riot of birds and plants silhouetted against an eye-popping pink or seafoam green background.


For those who want just a small splash of her world in their chosen space, Marie also offers her Limited Edition Print Collections.


Consultations are free of charge!