Sahel Heat

Gold on the Graben

Same Same But Different

Salon Aurelie, Rosewood Hotel Vienna

Bodmin Magic

Tree Tops Pool Party

Mixed Worlds : Bagan, Bauhinas, Mangos and the Alps

Saint Francis and the Animals

'Das Buben Bad'

Bold and Funky

The Peacock Dining Room

Lines and Stripes

The Best of Two Worlds

Kippling's Eden

Augsburg Tropics

Cantinetta Antinori Blackbirds

It's like a Jungle Sometimes

Arthur's Room

Gardens of Blockley

Soothing Carmelita


Prayer Chapel

Mascheroni Shimmer

Treasure Trove

Vensaga Gardens

Aguas Lisas

Laubfrosch Room

Free as a Bird

Big Fish Little Fish

The Tree House

Ming Flowers 

Jungle Hideaway

Up the Garden Path

Underwater Blues

The Mercury Sea

Its All About the Birds and the Trees

Its Getting Fishy


View from a Window (painted on a wood panel)

Roaming the Savanna

The Late George Harrison, Grandma and Perry the Cat hitching a ballon ride on the Yellow Submarine in the Heavens

Goldegg Forest

Our World

Pirate Business

Life Garden. Hospital de Niño's

The Rocking Shroom Sisters