Commissioning a Wall Painting

Initial Conversation

Give me a call or send me an email with a brief about your project and what you envisage. Tell me about the space and what creative direction you would like to go. It is also helpful to include the dimensions - maybe even architectural renderings of the space as well as  some photos.

Pricing of Wall Painting

For a cost estimate, please contact me for a free consultation. Pricing is determined by the size (m2) of the wall painting and the complexity of the design. I have 3 price categories that I use and that I  will share with you once we are in conversation. After an in-depth conversation, I will provide you with a mood board filled with images, references and inspirations to get things started, as well as a written work cost estimate. 

Design Fee

If you would like to move forward with the design phase for the work, I charge a Design Fee. It can vary based on the size of the project but the estimate is between Euros 800-1500. Once received, I will begin work on designs for your wall and we schedule the project. Should the project get confirmed, half of this Design Fee is revoked from the final Project Fee.

Design Process

We begin the design process with an in-depth collaborative brainstorming session to establish a clear brief of the overall view / mood of the piece. I will then create either two colour paintings from different perspectives of the space, or two distinct designs for the wall. We then have a follow up conversation and if necessary, we can make alterations and or make a completely revised design. In either case, the design we decide on becomes a roadmap, of what the composition will look like. From experience, having a clear design direction is important for a successful project, however, it is also important to let the more intuitive creative process take over when I am onsite. It is an organic process where  room for the artwork to grow and take shape in real time on site is required.  Colours, scale and composition relative to the immediate environment may be tweaked. 

Payment Terms

A deposit, typically 20% of my total fee, is due a month prior to the first day of onsite painting. This confirms the scheduling dates and allows for ordering of supplies. At this time, we will review the mural design concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas on the wall painting design. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.

Further payments: 40% on the day I start and the final payment of the full remaining balance is due upon completion of the wall painting.

Painting Process

I typically paint for about 6-8 hours each day, usually starting around 9.30 am. You are welcome to watch the process unfold. I love  to touch base regularly as the work progresses to ensure that expectations are being met and everything is on the right track. I work until we are both satisfied with the results. There is a point where I see that I have expressed what I set out to create. I identify this moment  and let you know when I am close to completion so we can review the work together to see if there is anything was missed or doesn’t feel right. We create a list of final tweaks that are needed, and, assuming it is within the original scope, I make the final adjustments. Then the wall painting is complete.