Born in Tokyo in 1977, Marie hopscotched the globe from an early age with her parents, Austrian diplomats.


She spent her childhood and adolescence in Japan, Pakistan, Kenya, Germany,  and now divides her time between Vienna and London. After attending the Kent Institute of Art and Design, she pursued a BA in Fine Arts and Communication from London Guildhall and went on to do a Masters in Global Politics at Birkbeck, University of London. 


After her studies, she worked in film production for more than a decade. In 2006, she established HOBEN.TV, an international film directors agency based in London, and remains a partner in the company. Still, throughout her career in film and advertising, she never put down the paintbrush, and loves to follow her creative flow in her artistic projects. 


The determination to give her young goddaughter a very special gift, set Marie onto an unexpected career path in 2012. To the child’s delight, she turned the white walls of her bedroom into a soft jungle, complete with lion dozing on the branch of a tree and a monkey climbing down peering into her crib. A blank canvas had always felt rather confining, but the three-dimensional space freed her imagination. This project was the beginning


Marie currently divides her time between Vienna and London, and does commissions internationally.


“With my wall paintings, I love taking people on journeys through different worlds, encouraging  them to explore and be inspired.”