The Monsoon Collection

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 8 separate Limited Edition Prints  (30 pieces each)

  • They are 40 x 50 cm (regular frame size)
  • Printed by the meticulous Farbpraxis on sumptuous high quality 310gsm Hahnenmühle paper.
  • They are all numbered, signed and stamped and sold unframed. 
  • Please get in touch via email or mobile phone, if you would like to make an order !
  • The Prints cost 120 Euros each (incl. VAT and Delivery) 


Since I started painting walls, I have been asked by many if I also had prints or a smaller format of my designs. It turns out not everyone needs to a have an entire wall or room hand-painted! :) So this has brought on the idea of creating limited edition collections. I have decided to do 2 of these every year, so t that I can offer them to a much wider audience, all around the world.


This is my first collection - created during the global pandemic and lockdown no less. With the urge to travel, the yearning for more freedom and with deep hunger for the smells, colours and beauty of distant lands, it was not a difficult task to be inspired by memories of past times spent and lived in these wonderful places that are dear to me. This collection took me back to my childhood days in South Asia where I grew up and travelled extensively, Pakistan in particular. 


Natural History illustration has always been an art form I loved. It was something very familiar to me growing up - either in old books or vintage prints hanging on our own walls. So I wanted to create my own version - my own collection. I have looked at wonderful Artists from the 19th Century, like Charles d'Orbigny, Edward Lear, Shaikh  Zain ud-Din  but also much earlier,  in the early 1600's, Mughal artists like Ustad Mansur -   who's mission was to travel, explore and document. Their eye and creativity have been inspirations.  Creating these 8 paintings, certainly brightened up my lockdown experience. It was a passion project that came with ease and fluidity and I am delighted to share them with you.


Mix and Match ! The prints are designed to either stand by themselves or  to mix and match them with others in the collection in order to create a statement piece on your wall. I have some examples below.


Do get in touch if you want to know more or would like to make and order !


+43 69911325517 or


Marie :) x

Gallery / Mix and Match

The idea is that you find your favourites and make your own assortment or combination of prints.


You can get the full collection but depending on the space you have, any number of them look great together.


Here, just six pieces. 



To hang up 4 prints like this is beautiful. Resembling a window with a wonderful view - it is a classic and super decorative.

A three pieces set has also been a popular choice so far! There many lovely combinations to choose from. Do get in touch and I can make mock ups for you.

This particular combination has been a massive success. They complement each other so very well.


With just 2, there are also many variations to choose  depending on your colour preferences.